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As we walk on our carpets they become worn and dirty over time.  Caring for your carpet is important because without proper care carpets will look dirty and worn out.  In fact, inadequate carpet care usually results in having to throw the carpet out because the fibers lose their shape and the accumulated dirt just makes them look gross.

VCT and linoleum is designed to have floor finish applied for two reasons. First it’s to protect the floor tile itself; second it’s to present a clean shiny look for beauty.

Every floor that has floor finish applied will require a strip and re-finish every year, even with moderate floor traffic.

During a floor service most of the floor is cleared of furniture. A fine sweep corner to corner is given. A neutral cleaner is applied heavy to the floor. This will help soften and loosen embedded dirt. After a short dwell time we will scrub the floor surface with an auto scrubber using a general scrub pad. A squeegee is used to pull all the dirty solution to the center of the floor where an extractor is used to extract the dirty solution. This process will get the floor surface as clean as possible prior to applying more floor finish.

During a strip and Re-finish project the floor will be cleared of everything. A fine sweep corner to corner is given. A heavy duty floor stripper will be applied. After proper dwell time the floor is scrubbed using a heavy scrubber with strip scrub pads. All corners and edges are hand scrapped with 6 inch razor scrappers for detail.