VCT and Rolled Linoleum Stripping and Refinishing Process

During a strip and Re-finish project the floor will be cleared of everything. A fine sweep corner to corner is given. A heavy duty floor stripper will be applied. After proper dwell time the floor is scrubbed using a heavy scrubber with strip scrub pads. All corners and edges are hand scrapped with 6 inch razor scrappers for detail.

A squeegee is used to pull all the dirty solution to the center of the floor where an extractor is used to extract the dirty solution. This process is applied over and over until all the old floor finish is removed leaving the floor completely clean and ready for new sealer and finish.

We apply two coats of floor sealer and six coats of fresh floor finish. After proper drying time the floor is burnished with a high-speed buffer to help obtain maximum gloss.

Extra caution should be taken for the first 24 hours or so to give the finish a chance to cure properly. Avoid placing paper products such as boxes down on fresh finish as it will stick leaving a mess when you try to remove at a later time.

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